Education for School Photographers

Knowledge is power and the key to your success.

Get Smart! Not only does H&H Color Lab offer education for new and aspiring school photographers, we offer continuing education and a growing community for our established photographers as well.


We offer 4 info-packed classes a year. Regardless of your level of school photography knowledge, we have the training for you.

  • Schools 101 // How to Start a School Photography Business
  • Schools 201 // Sales + Staffing Strategies to Grow Your Business
  • Schools 301 // Managing a Volume Business
  • Schools Summit // an Invite-only event for “like-minded” school photographers


There is a fantastic community of amazing organizations in this industry, dedicated to building up school photographers. H&H partners with the best of them.

1-on-1 coaching for your sports business


Sometimes you need help working through challenges unique to you and your business. The H&H consultants and trained customer service staff are here to help. Whether it’s a training video or in a more personalized, one-on-one environment. These options allow you to quickly get the information you need to make the right decisions for your company.


Facebook has become the place to be for getting direct feedback from the community. Whether it’s constructive criticism on your latest design or guidance and advice on today’s customer service headaches. Our private Facebook groups connect you with like-minded entrepreneurs to help you grow and network with your peers.

Schools & Sports Facebook group

Customer Service

A customer service staff that understands the volume business. We don’t just tell you when your order is gonna arrive. We support you on all of your business development needs. Through pre-season preparation, chaos of the season and debrief afterwards our team is there for you—so we all can continue to improve.

Get the knowledge you need to next-level your business today