School Picture Day Sales

It's time to grow your business.

You got into this to make money, right? Then stop thinking like a photographer and start thinking like the business beast that you are. Ok, maybe beast is aggressive, but you see where we are going with this. We want to help you reach your true potential.

Total Schools provides integrated solutions for your school photography problems. We provide the sales tools you need to thrive in the volume school photography market.

Sales Flyers

While sales flyers and paper-based systems seem overwhelming, they are proven to work. The sales flyer is not just an order form. It showcases your products and services and gets people excited to complete the purchase. A properly-designed flyer:

  • Brands your business
  • Merchandises your products
  • Creates a call-to-action
  • Is a physical reminder for parents of the upcoming picture day
  • Directs parents to the option of ordering online
  • Sets the expectation for the quality of service you will provide

Online Sales

This is why H&H Color Lab continues to share its best-of-class sales program — a well thought out, yet simple and beautiful, online sales system that is complemented by paper order forms.

  • Branded online storefronts for your business
  • Integration with hhschools to reduce labor and increase accuracy
  • Seamless web delivery of sold digital files
  • Automated email marketing
  • Hands-free online galleries with drop shipping for small, late and reorders

We must act like business owners

Sales and marketing cannot be replaced with the magic wand of an app. The most successful studios have a well thought out online sales system that works in conjunction with paper marketing order forms and dovetails into electronic marketing. While email and text marketing are improving, we find that studios who engage all marketing channels for a cohesive marketing strategy will survive the winter that is coming for those who go all-in on all-app.


You will learn to love that word. Other systems are complicated and make it hard for you to make money and enjoy what you are doing. Year after year, photographers across the country use our proven sales tools to grow their business. We make it simple for mom and dad to buy in a way that is convenient for everyone! Say it with me: S-i-m-p-l-i-c-i-t-y. Total Schools will give me simplicity in my business and in my life.

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