Products for school photographers

We have the products everyone wants.

It’s all about the products. Parents want something economical, but they also want that cool factor. If you want your clients to spend money, you have to give them a reason to and you have to make it easy for them to say yes.

Give them a superior product at a price they can afford and you, my friend, will be rolling in the dough. Not like bread dough, but like the green stuff you use to buy things.

This is where H&H Color Lab helps you shine. We are continuously adding to our product lineup and listening to our customers to ensure we offer relevant products for you to sell.


The templates provided by H&H Color Lab have several options that allow you to quickly personalize each order.

Pro-series templates feature a color and icon picker. This means: You set up your price list and packages with your top-selling products. From there, you can select the color and icon for each school or even class. Pro-series templates keep your price list simple while offering the flexibility to place one order for the entire school.

Not in love with our library of ready-to-go templates? Design your own custom background using our studio background series templates. We will take your unique graphics, add your images and combine them with our templates and personalize it with the student’s info to create a personal memory for every family. Studio background templates are available for a wide variety of our print and specialty products.

Package + Delivery

But the job’s not done. We know that superior products need superior packaging. And you have more important things to do than stuff envelopes for 2,000 families before you go to bed tonight. At H&H you get access to multiple packaging, labeling, and shipping options. Let our team package your prints and specialty products so your order is sorted, labeled, and ready to deliver to the school or direct to your clients’ homes. Whether you choose window envelopes, clear bags, or rigid mailers, you will be proud of the presentation of your images. Deliver accurate packages to your customers in days, not weeks!

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