School photography workflows

There is no substitute for an efficient workflow.

It can make the difference between pulling your hair out at 2:00 AM or sleeping soundly dreaming about, well, whatever you dream about. #rainbowsandunicorns

The point is, taking pictures is the easy part. Getting the thousands of client orders correct and delivered in a timely fashion—that’s the hard part.

With years of listening to our customers, software development, and hard work, H&H has created workflows that allow photographers to spend 30 minutes of post-shoot production for every hour of photography. But we aren’t stopping there. H&H Color Lab is your partner and we are here to help you deliver by utilizing our proven tools and services.

Exclusive FREE school project management software

FREE. You read that right. No strings attached. Literally untether yourself from complicated and expensive programs that only support a fraction of your needs. We’ve got your back with a software platform built to manage high-volume school photography:

  • Networkable Mac and PC school workflow software
  • 7+ methods of image data match
  • High-speed culling, cropping and filtering tools
  • Searchable database of team & athlete data with images

Order Entry Services

Feeling a little overwhelmed? Want to spend more time with the family? Let the H&H Color Lab team handle the heavy lifting.

Our team will:

  • Match images and data
  • Enter orders
  • Cull to the best pose
  • Crop every single image to your standards
  • Submit orders to our production team per your instructions

Which workflow is right for you?

Regardless of how you like to work—we’ve got you. You book the business, photograph it and sell it. We’ll do the rest! Feeling a little overwhelmed with all the options at your finger tips? Take this short quiz to learn which H&H workflow is best for you.

Get your time-saving workflow today