Knockout Schools

Automated knockout + background replacement.

Sell more with H&H knockout program. It’s no secret that parents love choice. Letting parents choose their background is a great sales tool. But there is not a one-size-fits-all knockout services. All have their pros and cons. That is why H&H made the decision to build a process to support four methods of knocking out a subject from an image up front and archive the results, so they are available for you to use and sell from later at no additional charge.

Green Screen

When you know all of the images you’re going to capture need a background replacement and you do not have a tight deadline on service items.

Blue Screen

Use this option when know all of the images you’re going to capture need a background replacement buy you also need a quick turn around on service items like ID Cards. Simply deliver those IDs on a clean blue background and save the KO process for prints and other products later.

Masters Extraction

Optimal when you need to print proof plans and service items quickly on the photographed background but still want to offer different background options to your customers on their prints and specialty products.

Environment Extraction

Us this option when you want to offer KO options to your customers on their products, but need more flexibility on space or consistent lighting than the other three options need.


Regardless of how you knockout the image, its going to need a background. No matter which KO option you pick, H&H only charges once to knock out your images. After that, all background replacements are free! You are welcome to offer any of H&H’s library of backgrounds or use your own.

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